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Spike Tape Evolved.

Concequity is the exclusive worldwide distributor for the full StikaSpike range.

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Pre-cut stage spikes in standard 10mm width available in 13 colours (up to 60 colours by special order) including fluorescent, clear (the ultimate in invisible spikes) and glow.

Get StikaSpike

Durable and precision cut – no more messy spike tape marks.

Remove with little or no residue. Clean any excess quickly and simply with isopropyl.

Safe for use with all flooring surfaces

StikaSpike Stage Numbers are the last word in durable and precision cut apron numbers for dance productions. Pre-cut stage numbers available in black, white and glow.

Heavy footfall for dance shows, or super-long production runs… ? Add StikaSpike Protecta – the clear top coat that protects the StikaSpike below. The ultimate in durability.

Why StikaSpike… ?

Our #YuckySpike gallery speaks for itself.

If your space looks like the pics below, it’s StikaSpike time.

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StikaSpike in action :

Need something special… ? StikaSpike Custom Design Services can provide what you need.

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StikaSpike : Spike Tape Evolved