StikaSpike | Spike Tape Evolved

StikaSpike. Spike Tape Evolved.

Available retail direct / B2C and wholesale / B2B.

To submit an RFQ for the StikaSpike range, email us using the link below :

StikaSpike RFQ

Payments can be made on account or via credit / debit card.

Minimum order 25 units.

StikaSpike Spike Sheet

No more spike tape… ! Pre-cut stage spikes in standard 10mm width available in 13 colours (up to 60 colours by special order) including fluorescent, clear (the ultimate in invisible spikes) and glow.

StikaSpike Stage Numbers

Pre-cut dance numbers for the stage apron edge – available in black, white and glow (up to 60 colours by special order).

StikaSpike Protecta

Clear protective top coat for your StikaSpike stage markings, for use in high-traffic areas such as choreography-heavy performances – or to protect marks for long runs. Simply replace the StikaSpike Protecta if necessary – not the spike. Available in Spike Sheet and Stage Number formats.

Use the following SKUs when submitting your RFQ :

SKUDescriptionUnit Cost (GBP)
SSSS-651-031StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Red / 651-031)10
SSSS-651-068StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Grass Green / 651-068)10
SSSS-651-086StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Brilliant Blue / 651-086)10
SSSS-651-036StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Light Orange / 651-036)10
SSSS-651-021StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Yellow / 651-021)10
SSSS-651-404StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Purple / 651-404)10
SSSS-651-000StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Transparent / 651-000)10
SSSS-651-010StikaSpike Spike Sheet (White / 651-010)10
SSSS-651-070StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Black / 651-070)10
SSSS-K74111StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Glow / K74111)10
SSSS-6510-069StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Green Fluoro / 6510-069)10
SSSS-6510-037StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Orange Fluoro / 6510-037)10
SSSS-6510-029StikaSpike Spike Sheet (Yellow Fluoro / 6510-029)10
SSSN-651-070StikaSpike Stage Numbers (Black / 651-070)10
SSSN-651-010StikaSpike Stage Numbers (White / 651-010)10
SSSN-K74111StikaSpike Stage Numbers (Glow / K74111)10
SSPSS-651-000StikaSpike Protecta (Spike Sheet / 651-000)10
SSPSN-651-000StikaSpike Protecta (Stage Numbers / 651-000)10

StikaSpike RFQ