Welcome to the Concequity Mastermind Network

– an elite group of technical creatives that benefit from direct work referrals and 24 / 7 Mastermind Group support.

  • Examples : C1D; ESTA; B-1; TWIC; TSA Pre✓®
  • General Examples : SD (Sound Designer); LD (Lighting Designer); PM (Production Manager)

    Specific Examples : Gio LX Ecosystem; Hog LX Ecosystem; QLab; WATCHOUT; Axon
  • Max. file size: 300 MB.
    CV / Promo Reel / Example Works
  • Direct referrals to a client are subject to a 10% referral fee for the lifetime of that client relationship, payable directly to Concequity. In return, all members of the network gain access to 24 / 7 Specialist Mastermind groups, dedicated to immediate support for specific skillsets, ensuring that every project is completed without issue.